photo: Uwe Ahrens

François LELEUX at the "Herbstgold" Festival in Eisenstadt

The outstanding woodwind-ensemble Les Vents Français – this time as a quintet - will be presented on Sunday 10 September in the frame of the Autumn Music Festival held at the beautiful Esterhazy castle in Eisenstadt. Les Vents Français will play compositions by Pleyel, Beethoven, Poulenc and Mozart.
French oboist François Leleux will further appear in a second concert of that festival (13 September) together with the Haydn Philharmonie, this time as conductor and soloist!


Les Vents Français
Sun, 10.09.2017, 6:00PM, Esterhazy Castle, Empire Hall

Ignaz Pleyel, Trio in C-major for oboe clarinet and bassoon op. 47/1
Ludwig van Beethoven, Quintet in E flat-major, op. 16
Francis Poulenc, Sonata for clarinet and bassoon
Wolfgang A. Mozart, Quintet in E flat-major KV 452

François Leleux, Play and Conduct
Haydn Philharmonie
Wed, 13.009. 2017, 7:30PM, Esterhazy Castle, Haydn Hall

Joseph Haydn, Symphony No. 49 in F-minor Hob. 1:49 "La Passione"
Joseph Haydn, Concerto for Oboe and Orchestra in C-major Hob VIIg:C1
Ludwig van Beethoven, Ouverture "Coriolan" op. 62
Franz Schubert, Symphony No. 4 in C-minor D 417

​published 08.09.2017