photo: Terry Linke

Mariss JANSONS in Vienna

This week sees world-famous conductor Mariss Jansons returning to the Vienna Philharmonic, an orchestra with which he has worked together on a regular basis for more than 20 years. The programme of the concerts in Vienna comprises Dvořák's Symphony no. 8, Strauss' "Tod und Verklärung" as well as Stravinsky’s ballet-suite "Firebird" from 1919. JANSONS will be continuing his collaboration with the Vienna Philharmonic at the Salzburg Festival this August for a new production of Shostakovich’s "Lady Mcbeth of Mzensk". 

​Fri, 16.06.2017, 8:30PM, Musikverein, Großer Saal
Sat, 17.06.2017, 3:30PM, Musikverein, Großer Saal
Sun, 18.06.2017, 11:00AM, Musikverein, Großer Saal


Antonín Dvořák, Symphony no. 8 in G major op. 88
Richard Strauss, »Tod und Verklärung« op. 24
Igor Strawinsky, »Firebird«, ballet-suite 1919

Mariss Jansons, conductor
Wiener Philharmoniker

published 08.06.2017