(c) Jozsef Szalai

Why Music Matters!

From the heart - may it go to the heart again!

Everyone knows it - this very special feeling when we are particularly satisfied with an activity, a project or collaboration. Such matters of the heart are often different in a variety of ways because they unite what at first glance does not belong together. Heart Projects can make new impulses possible – a colourful bouquet of unexpected impressions and extraordinary moments. In them we can realize our artistic ideals, find a space for them that we feel nowhere else. Heart Projects surmount boundaries, open perspectives and improve society!

Often they require an extraordinary commitment from each individual - very special experiences return, happy moments that remain forever.

We believe it is important that the artist agency Dr. Raab & Dr. Böhm dedicates itself with great passion to the projects with which it is entrusted. In addition to orchestral tour projects around the world, opera productions, solo appearances in large and small concert halls and our conductors’ great symphonic moments, we are also happy to break a little bit with custom.
It is usually our artists and partners themselves who come to us with a finished or incomplete idea that changes course. It is a special pleasure to join with them in realizing their proposal. We follow our conviction that it is these Heart Projects that make a difference - true to our motto: Music Matters!


The Chamber Orchestra Vienna – Berlin brings together musicians who at first glance would not be expected on a typical stage. Leaders and soloists of the Vienna and Berlin Philharmonic, two of the best orchestras in the world, come together for a joint project once a year. Together with great soloists of our time, they tour the great concert halls of the world with Raab & Böhm under the artistic direction of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra’s leader, Rainer Honeck. Anyone who has heard this ensemble live is impressed by its very individual timbre and great joy of playing together with musicians who are usually very firmly rooted in their home orchestras.


(c) Terry Linke
(c) ISM_Rolando_Villazón

Since Rolando Villazón has taken over the management of the annual Salzburg Mozart Week, we are happy to work particularly closely with this festival. Under the motto "Mozart lives!", Villazón takes his audience into the colourful world of the composer: "A journey on which we only experience music from the most popular composer of all time, music from a restless genius, a joker, a man of enlightenment: the great Wolfgang Amadé Mozart.”(Rolando Villazón) For the first time in April 2019, the artist agency Dr. Raab & Dr. Böhm brought the "Mozart Week on Tour" out of Salzburg into the world. After stopping-stations at the Festival de Pâques in Aix-en-Provence, at the George Enescu Festival in Bucharest and in the "Culture at WÜRTH", we are looking forward to further touring engagements in cooperation with the Mozarteum Foundation.


The Cappella Andrea Barca is the Heart Project of Sir András Schiff. He gathers soloists and chamber musicians from all over the world in his orchestra. “What I do as a conductor is an expansion of the chamber music; the Cappella is a chamber music ensemble made up of excellent soloists, but above all chamber musicians. […] This ensemble is based on mutual sympathy, understanding, like-mindedness and the same ideals - aesthetically, musically and humanly.” (Sir András Schiff) We have been pleased to accompany the ensemble since the founding idea for the 1999 Mozart Week and to tour the world with it and its conductor.


(c) Priska Ketterer
(c) Filarmónica Joven de Colombia

The Colombian conductor Andrés Orozco-Estrada set Raab & Böhm alight with his enthusiasm for the youth orchestra of his home country, the Filarmónica Joven de Colombia. The most talented musicians in the country, aged between 16 and 24, go through a demanding selection process before becoming part of the orchestra. The project pursues the mission of providing young adults in the community with the best possible framework conditions for their musical development. The orchestra was in Europe for the first time in summer 2017, followed by another tour in March 2019. Enthusiasm in particular sparked off their interpretation of Le Sacre du Printemps - the energetic sound coupled with a unique visual concept of video projections, light design and a specially-developed orchestral choreography has become something of the orchestra's trademark.


The Raab & Böhm team is excited about each of these projects and is looking forward to what the future holds! Get inspired - because Music Matters!