Mozart Week on Tour

During the Salzburg Mozart Week, which heralds the spectacular prelude to every eventful cultural year in the city of Mozart, Artistic Director Rolando Villazón has presented since 2017 the unbroken vitality and multifaceted genius of the great Salzburg composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Year after year, internationally renowned artists and ensembles follow Villazón’s invitation to discover Mozart’s Œuvre anew and to uncover his musical world from different perspectives between tradition and the present.

Since 2019 the artist agency Dr. Raab & Dr. Böhm GmbH, in cooperation with the Mozarteum Foundation, has now enabled Mozart enthusiast outside of the City of Salzburg to enjoy an intoxicating insight into crucial parts of the festival: the international acclaimed tour project “Mozart Week on Tour” offers access to starts and performances of the Salzburg Mozart Weeks in form of an exclusive festival filled with treasures of best-of excerpts. The Salzburg Mozart Week truly rises to its motto “Mozart lives”.

(c) ISM_Rolando_Villazón