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Mag. Nora Pötter-Grabko, MBA

Managing Director
+43 650 700 7477

Mag. Nora Pötter, born in Münster, Germany moved to Vienna when she was 12 years old. She studied violin, music education and French at the Vienna Music University. Since her school days Nora Pötter spent most of her free time playing both the violin and piano in different orchestras and chamber music formations. Alongside her studies, which she completed successfully, she acquired experience in project management with various EU Culture Mediation Projects organized by KulturKontakt Austria, at Wiener Festwochen and with several Youth Orchestras.

In 2006 Nora Pötter became part of the team of the artist agency Dr. Raab & Dr. Böhm, initially organising and accompanying orchestral tours. Soon afterwards she took over the soloist and chamber music section as well as the planning of chamber orchestra tours. She gained further experience working in the in artistic adminstration of Jeunesse Musical Austria, the national musical youth organisation, in 2009 before returning to Raab & Böhm as Managing Director designate. She subsequently took over – bit by bit – all agendas as well as the orchestral tour department from Dr. Horst Böhm, the longstanding and well-respected director and former owner of the agency.

Nora Pötter has been administering the agency as owner and director since 2013 and is very thankful for the support of her marvellous team! When she is not in the agency or in a concert hall you can find her jogging in the Vienna Prater!

Dr. Philipp Stein


Managing Director 
+43 650 603 6447

Dr. Philipp Stein studied piano, business administration, instrumental pedagogy and musicology in Hamburg and Vienna. His professional career has taken him from the Wiener Konzerthaus, Klangforum Wien, the Austrian Jeunesse and the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Festival to the Elbphilharmonie. Most recently, he was employed as Operative Managing Director at the Grafenegg Festival. In April 2024, he joined Raab & Böhm as Managing Director, where his profound knowledge of the classical music industry will enable him to be responsible for the further development of the Viennese company, among other things.

Mag. Caroline Therese Papke

Executive Assistant & Planning Manager
+43 660 300 2900

Born and raised in Vienna, Caroline Therese Papke earned her Master in music education and French from the University of Music Vienna as well the University of Vienna and Paris. During her studies, the passionate choir singer worked for an international airline where she gained valuable insights for the touring business. Prior to joining the orchestra touring department of Raab & Böhm in early 2013, Caroline was responsible for planning and organising chamber and world music concerts at Jeunesse Austria from 2009 to 2013. Her spare time is filled with music, sports and foreign languages.

Orchestral Tours

Tim Bröhl

Tour Manager
+43 660 300 2909

Tim Lennard Bröhl was born in Cologne, grew up in the Rhineland and joined the Raab & Böhm team at the beginning of 2022. His previous positions have taken him to the Cologne Opera, the Salzburg Festival and most recently the Vienna Philharmonic.
In addition to his studies in musicology at the University of Vienna, he plays the violin in his free time and has been active with his instrument in various orchestras. Concert tours have already taken him as far as Chile.

Nicolas Faber, BA

Tour Manager
+43 660 300 2906

Nicolas Faber, BA was born in Luxembourg, where he grew up in a family of musicians. He attended the Conservatoire there, where he was able to devote himself to making music alongside his passion for theatre. In 2018, he moved to Vienna, where he studied cultural and social anthropology as well as Russian laguage. His interest in foreign languages and cultures has taken him to over 50 countries so far. After gaining initial professional experience as a press assistant at the Festival in Grafenegg, as well as at the Pierre Werner Cultural Institute in Luxembourg, he joined Raab & Böhm as a tour manager in early 2023. In his free time, Nicolas writes for the young culture magazine Bohema, is interested in history and visits art history museums.

Anna Dorothea Hellerhoff

Tour and Marketing Manager
+43 660 300 2903

Anna Dorothea Hellerhoff was born in Copenhagen and grew up in Milan and south of Munich. Her musical training on the violin began as a child and accompanied her until she graduated from school, after which she gained her first professional experience with the Sächsische Staatskapelle Dresden. She then moved to Vienna to study musicology and joined Raab & Böhm in May 2022, initially as an intern. Alongside her employment at the Salzburg Festival in summer 2022 and 2023, she has been a permanent member of our team since July 2022.

Akos Szupper, BSc

Tour Manager
+43 660 300 2901

Akos Szupper, BSc was born in Sopron/Ödenburg and grew up bilingually and developed a keen interest in foreign languages. He studied tourism in Budapest, followed by several short-term management jobs in the tourism branch. In 1989 he switched to the music scene and became deputy manager of Festivals and Jazz Pub Wiesen (1989-94). During these years he furthered his business skills by attending a university course for sales and advertisement at the University of Economics Vienna. He was entrusted with the marketing and public relations of Jeunesse Musical Austria (1994-96) and by the festivals Klangbogen and Osterklang (1996-97). In 1998 he took part in the international visitor leadership programme of the US. He joined the artist agency Dr. Raab & Dr. Böhm in 1997 working for international orchestra tours.

Artist Management

Mag. Stefan Fragner

Senior Artist Manager
+43 660 300 2897

Mag. Stefan Fragner was born in Bonn, but spent his childhood in Brussels. After reading music at Merton College, Oxford, he continued his studies of music, economics and politics at Humboldt-University Berlin. He received scholarships from the Studienstiftung des Deutsche Volkes as well as the Academy Musiktheater_heute. On a professional level, Stefan Fragner was manager of the Deutsches Kammerorchester Berlin and the Berlin opera company Novoflot, of which he is a co-founder, before moving to Raab & Böhm in Vienna in 2010, where he manages conductors with a special focus on building and developing careers.

Mag. Maria Zeugswetter

Senior Artist Manager
+43 660 300 2898

Mag. Maria Zeugswetter made use of her time as a student of Vienna’s University of Economics and Business to found and organise the university’s orchestra (Academic Symphony-Orchestra). She spent a term of her studies in the United States. At the artist agency Dr. Raab & Dr. Böhm she began working for singers before switching to the orchestral tours department. Since 2006 she focuses on conductors. Maria Zeugswetter is an enthusiastic violinist and pianist and has a growing passion for opera.

Andreas Neudauer

Senior Artist Manager
+43 660 300 2908

Andreas Neudauer, raised south of Munich, completed his Concert Diploma in piano performance at the Zurich University of the Arts. After transitioning from the stage to music management, he worked at the Munich agency KünstlerSekretariat am Gasteig from 2007 til 2017. Following this, he dedicated six years to his family’s business, concurrently pursuing studies in corporate leadership, succession, and entrepreneurship. His deep connection to the music world led to the decision to re-enter the musical sphere. In March 2024, he joined the team at Raab & Böhm as a Senior Artist Manager.

MMag. Clara Ernst

Artist Manager
+43 660 300 2921

MMag. Clara Ernst was born in Vienna, where she studied Recorder at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna as well as International Business Administration at the University of Economics and Business Administration Vienna. After various jobs at Jeunesse, she was already working with Raab & Böhm as a tour manager in 2010. Her professional career continued at the Carinthian Summer, where she was Head of the Festival and Ticket Office, later she was part of the core team at Tomek Productions / Hollywood in Vienna. In November 2020, she was elected to the board of the " Zentrum für Musikvermittlung" (Center for Music Education) and has since supported the association as Head of Human Resources and Controlling. In 2023 she returned to Raab & Böhm as Artist Manager. Privately, she passionately plays the violin in a chamber orchestra, where she can occasionally be heard solistically with the Recorder.

Mag. Sarah Niebergall

Artist Manager
+43 660 300 2902

Mag. Sarah Niebergall studied in Leipzig and Rome, majoring in Cultural Studies, Romance Languages and Musicology. Her professional career started at the International Mahler Festival at the Gewandhaus in Leipzig and continued to the Staatskapelle Dresden, where she worked as an Orchestra Administrator. She then was an Orchestra Manager at Konzerthaus Berlin. She joined the team at Raab & Böhm in 2018 as an Artist Manager. Sarah is passionate about arts and culture, hiking and travel.

Mag. Anna Studer-Laistler

Artist Manager | Assistant to A. Orozco-Estrada
+43 660 300 2946

Mag. Anna Studer  was born in Lahr im Schwarzwald. She has studied Romance languages and Business Management in Vienna and Paris. During the course of her studies, she has gained working-experience at - amongst others - Staatstheater Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany and at the Wiener Festwochen before joining Artist Agency Raab & Böhm in May 2007 as Assistant Artist Manager. As Artist Manager she is now responsible for soloists, conductors and chamber music. She adores attending concerts and plays the viola in the orchestra of the University of Technology in Vienna, as well as being passionate about performing chamber music.

Helena Telen

Assistant Artist Manager
+43 660 300 2899

Helena Telen comes from Zagreb, Croatia and first studied law in her hometown, before moving to Vienna in 2017, where she continued her studies and started to study Theatre, Film and Media Studies at the University of Vienna as well. Her various work experience took her to the Osor Musical Evenings (Croatian national festival), Korkyra Baroque Festival, Young Conductors Competition Lovro von Matacic, Croatian Baroqe Ensemble and many other projects. In Vienna, she worked as the production manager for the contemporary music ensemble Platypus, as well as in developing the Ton der Jugend Symphony Orchestra since its founding in 2017, with which she organised many concerts at the Konzerthaus and Musikverein in Vienna.

Mag. Vera Kalman

Assistant Artist Manager
+43 660 300 2911

Vera Kalman grew up in Budapest and Vienna. After completing her studies at the University of Vienna (journalism/musicology/theater studies), she was employed in the artistic administration office of the Gustav Mahler Jugendorchester for several years. From 2016 to 2018 she worked as Assistant Artist Manager at Raab&Böhm. After a two-year stay abroad in Melbourne, she initially joined the student administration team of the JAM MUSIC LAB Private University Vienna before she returned to Raab & Böhm in 2023.


Andrea Müller

+43 660 300 2904